Technology for engine testing
Modular solutions for experiments on engines and on other rotating objects

Since 1980 we have primarily been developing and producing Engine Performance Test Beds, Control and Measurement Technology for engine test beds and Engine Supports for internal combustion engines as interchangeable components of engine dynamometers and for other applications.

Inspired by customer requirements, a modular test bed system has grown from which we can offer equipment for a wide range of measurement tasks, also for other prime movers than internal combustion engines and also for other  tests on objects with rotary motion.

Nothing is sustainable without quality

Developing and producing durable products - this has always been our goal.
With our engine dynamometers, the microprocessor technology of the MP Computer not only ensures reliability, but also makes it independent of changes to PC hardware and software.
Our engine supports, whether Module Plates, RWB Mobile OperationTrolleys or Universal Engine Supports, can be adapted by the user to changing test objects.

MP 500 with truck engine

Test Beds

Dynamometers of different types and sizes allow the testing of different engines from chain saw engines up to truck engines.
Internal combustion engines are making the highest mechanical demands on their support and on the complete performance test bed.
Of course, electric, hydraulic and pneumatc motors can also be tested.

Our Combination of Dynamometers is suitable for testing complete vehicle drive units and complete vehicles.

For certain types of dynamometers we also offer solutions for Performance Testing in Containers.

We also supply complete experimental setups with specially prepared completely assembled engines.

Our  Video shows a measurement run with a passenger car engine at an engine performance test bed with air-cooled braking dynamometer.

MP Computer

Control and Measurement

Our MP Computer is a comfortable evaluation-, display- and control unit for engine test beds. It makes engine testing easy and safe.
The simple operation is illustrated in our Video.

Engine test beds are usually equipped for the automatic documentation of measured values, preferably with DiaW - Diagram for Windows,
and additionally for the determination of further measured values at the engines to be tested, e.g.

With Pilot also comfortable test programs can be created without errors and without programming skills, and can be tested and executed safely.

6-cylinder Turbo Diesel engine on RWB truck

Engine Supports and Engines

Mobile engine supports (RWB Mobile OperationTrolley and Universal Engine Support) fascilitate mounting and preparation of the engines to be tested and their coupling to the dynamometer.

Portable Module Plates can carry special mounts, e.g. for highly vibrating two-wheel drive units or for hand-held machines.

We would be pleased to mount engines for you, according to your requirements, prepared for tests under load or for idle running, and ready to start.

Tractor at MP 500


Our test beds are proven in research, development, testing after repair, occasionally also after new production, and at all levels of Training.

Easy and safe operation is an advantage in all fields of application.

Engines mounted on our Engine Supports are visible and accessible as far as possible.
On the one hand, this is important for work requiring access to the engine.
On the other hand, training succes is supported by the clear design.


We mount engines to be tested under load or not under load, according to your requests, and ready to start.

If you want to carry out measurements on engines but do not want to purchase your own engine test bed, we offer you to use one of our test beds.
You bring your test object (engine, kart, etc.) to us and we prepare it for the performance test. After a short instruction, you can then carry out your measurements independantly or with our support.

Example: Performance testing at kart engines