MPL 500 engine dynamometer with truck engine

Modular Solutions for Engine Testing

Examples of application of engine test beds with MP Computer are illustrating the versatility of the modular system.
Dynamometers of different types and sizes allow the testing of different engines.

Mobile Engine Supports for engines from chain saw engines to truck engines fascilitate a rapid change of the engines to be tested.

Engine performance test beds are usually equipped for the automatic documentation of measured values. The scpope of the obtained measurement results is variable and may be adapted to the requirements of the user.

MP 100, fuel consumption an p-V-diagram

Engine Test with additional Measurements

For example:

  • Fuel consumption metering
  • Comparision of fuels in combustion engines
  • Thermal and mechanical efficiency (p-V-diagram)
  • Thermal balance, cylinder pressure measurement, state of lubricant, and exhaust gas analysis

speed, torque, power, work and weight of fuel versus time

Engine Testing in Teaching and Research

Equipment proposals and examles of application

We offer equipment for training on engines under real operating conditions, i. e. under load at the enginetest bed.
Usually this equipment consists of a braking dynamometer, control unit and demonstration engine(s).

Additional measuring devices are allowing extensive experiments on combustion engines.
Various methods for automatic documentation of measured values illustrate the measurement results.

Testing the Quality of overhauled Vehicle Engines