Engine Test with Additional Measurements

Fuel tank on prcision balance

Fuel consumption metering

Automatic gravimetric determination of the specific fuel consumption (sfc). 


VW TDI with 3 fuel tanks

Comparison of fuels in combustion engines

Equipment of an engine for quick change of fuels in the fuel circuit.

PicopV 1.0

Thermal and mechanical efficiency

MP 100 S engine test bed,
fuel consumption metering and p-V-diagram

PicopV 1.0 for determination of p-V-diagrams with Diaw - Diagram for Windows (.pdf)

SE 150 engine test bed, air and fuel consumption

Thermal Balance

SE 150 Engine Test Bed,
Air and fuel consumption / Heat flow in the coolant

Metering the air flow uptake

Metering the heatflow in the radiator

Screenshot: Capture of measured values by DiaW - Diagram for Windows

Example for a measuring arrangement: Thermal Balance, cylinder pressure measurement, state of lubricant,and exhaust gas analysis


Control desk with inputs for additional measurements

Additional distribution board

Control desk with inputs for additional measurements