Engine Test with Additional Measurements

Fuel tank on prcision balance

Fuel consumption metering

Automatic gravimetric determination of the specific fuel consumption (sfc). 


VW TDI with 3 fuel tanks

Comparison of fuels in combustion engines

Equipment of an engine for quick change of fuels in the fuel circuit.

PicopV 1.0

Thermal and mechanical efficiency

MP 140 engine test bed,
fuel consumption metering and p-V-diagram

PicopV 1.0 for determination of p-V-diagrams with Diaw - Diagram for Windows (.pdf)

SE 150 engine test bed, air and fuel consumption

Thermal Balance

SE 150 Engine Test Bed,
Air and fuel consumption / Heat flow in the coolant

Metering the air flow uptake

Metering the heatflow in the radiator

Screenshot: Capture of measured values by DiaW - Diagram for Windows

Example for a measuring arrangement: Thermal Balance, cylinder pressure measurement, state of lubricant,and exhaust gas analysis


Control desk with inputs for additional measurements

Additional distribution board

Control desk with inputs for additional measurements