HVU 5 Engine Test Bed for Engines of Chain Saws and similar Power Tools

Motorprüfstand HVU 5 für Kettensägen u.ä.  

HVU 5 engine test bed with

  • a chain saw as engine to be tested,

  • a precision balance with holder for a tank and with data cable to the MP Computer for determination of the specific fuel consumption,

  • and with a PC for documentation of measurements.

The engine test bed consists of a low-inertia hydrostatic braking dynamometer with a table on which the engine is to be clamped, and of the proven MP Computer.

The chain saw is held by a device adjustable to different types of chain saws. This device is mounted on a module plate which can be changed quickly by clamping it on the table of the engine test bed.

The engine test bed as shown is ready to start. In most cases, however, exhaust evacuation will be required.