MP Computer for Engine Power Tests
DiaW - Diagram for Windows

for display, memorisation and printing of curve diagrams by PC
optional with additional numerical display of incoming data (screenshot)

MP Computers are control units for performance test benches for rotating machines (motors of all kinds, e. g. pumps and compressors).
Such performance test benches are often called dynamometers.

With the MP Computer a user can adapt the dynamometer to the characteristics of the machine to be tested and safely adjust torque and speed on the dynamometer and on the machine to be tested.
For this purpose, the user can read the speed, torque and power on the MP Computer and activate functions to keep torque or speed constant.

The user can also let the MP Computer count and display the mechanical work absorbed or delivered by the dynamometer.
If a suitable consumption metering device is connected to the MP Computer, the MP Computer can calculate the specific fuel consumption or the efficiency and the user can read the result instead of the counted work as the fourth quantity.

If the user wants to document the performance test, the MP computer can be set up
for printing records,
or for data output to DiaW - Diagram for Windows in a PC
or, in special cases, for both possibilities.

DiaW - Diagram for Windows on a PC complements the MP Computer by
the display of data from other data sources during the performance test,
the storage of all data in a common computer environment and
the subsequent presentation, also in edited reports, on screen and on paper.

The MP Computer is connected to the PC with DiaW via a serial interface.

After only few inputs from the keyboard the PC is ready to receive data sequences from the MP Computer. As data arrives, the curves for e.g. torque and power as a function of speed or all measured values as function of time are displayed on the screen in different colours in a X-Y-diagram. The number of curves to be memorised in one file is practically unlimited.

As soon as the measured values are displayed on the screen they are memorised in files. Since the MP Computer transmits the symbols and the units together with the values and as DiaW memorises this information together with the values, the axis of the diagram are labelled automatically with the correct symbols and units. While recording data, DiaW adjusts the range of the X-axis to keep track of the received values by horizontally scrolling the display area.

In an extended version incoming data can be additionally displayed numerically.

During and after measuring the user can adjust colour and scaling of each curve, display range etc. according to his needs. Once having found a suitable setting for a certain measuring application, he may save this setting as a pattern. Next time DiaW receives similar data, it will propose automatically the use of this pattern.

All settings may be changed at any time.

Memorised functions of different sets can be redisplayed in freely selectable combinations to simplify comparison of certain measured values.

Memorised curves can be printed on any printer supported by the Windows environment. Format and layout of the printout can be easily configured within DiaW. In order to optimise the readability of the print-out, screen colours can be mapped to different colours and line styles on the printing device. Although the use of a colour printer is highly recommended, printing on grayscale and monochrome printers is supported.

Recorded data can be exported into ASCII files that can be easily processed by other applications, e.g. for import into database applications or to perform additional analysis by using external programs.

Hard- and software requirements

for the MP Computer:

for the PC:

for plotting: