New Application of Proven Modules

Combination of Dynamometers

Proven Modules

  • MP dynamometers
  • RWB mobile operation trolley as engine support
  • control equipment with MP Computer

New Application

  • testing of the complete drive system
  • no problems with adapting the engine to the dynamometers
  • simulation of driving curves by input of desired speed ratio
  • permanent high-power tests with passenger car drives
vehicle drive unit on RWB

Further possible applications

  • complete vehicle instead of the drive unit
  • four dynamometers for testing all-wheel-drives
  • other types of dynamometers types of dynamometers

RWB mobile operation trolley  
for mounting the complete drive system:

  • The engine and the drive system flanged to it can and should be fixed with their original supports.
  • The positioning of operation panel and gas lever should permit an operation of the clutch-pedal and gear-lever in the usual manner.