How our Engine Power Test Beds (Dynamometers) support your Vocational Training

For training purposes we offer:

Engine test beds with with air-cooled eddy-current brake and demonstration engines,
for example:

These engine power test beds are interesting not only for combustion engines in the field of automotive engineering, but also for electrical and mechanical engineering in general.

Both types of engine test beds contain the comfortable evaluation, display and control unit with our MP Computer. This unit - even in basic design without any options - makes the test beds easy to handle and so an equipment useful in workshops and laboratories for a long time independent of availability of e. g. a certain PC technique. It has been proven for more than 10 years at German vocational training schools. Especially the work counter contained in the standard design of the MP Computer offers a cost effective, simple, precise and easy-to-understand method to determine the specific fuel consumption,

in combination with the offered precision balance for the fuel tank of a car engine tested by the MP 100test bed

or in combination with the optionally offered burettes for small engines with simple fuelling systems tested on the MPW 5 Modular test bed.

We believe that the engine test beds MP 100and MPW 5 Modular equipped with the MP Computer are the best solution for educational purposes, because the proven combination of microprocessor technique and manual adjustment offers

easy handling to the teacher

and to the students the best precondition to understand the working together of engine and braking dynamometer and the origin of the measured values.

As a low budget solution, we alternatively offer MPW 5 Modular with the display and control unit MP-E.

Further advantages useful for vocational training:

MP 100:

The MP 100engine test bed can be moved by a pallet truck with or without an engine to be tested. Except for electrical energy, no further supply is needed. The test bed needs no foundation and can be operated or stored in any place. Different engines, including engines with hand operated or automatic transmission (!), can be rapidly exchanged and operated with the test bed.

RWB mobile operation trolley:

In addition to the truck construction kit we offer:

The MPW 5 Modular engine test bed also offers its specific possibilities of rapid exchange of the engines to be tested. Particularly remarkable is the fact that it is suitable for testing 1-cylinder engines with high vibration stress.

For training purposes we do not recommend mechanical or electrical remote control systems for the engine, which are also available.

Our engine test beds are proven in industry, workshops and training institutions. Therefore students work as in practice when using our engine test beds.

The teacher's task is facilitated because he carries out a realistic engine test without any simulation. His demonstrations are convincing, because they really work.