HVU 10/1 Engine Test Bed for for Chain Saw Engines e.g.

Engine Test Bed for for Chain Saw Engines e.g.  

The engine test bed consists of

  • the braking and measuring unit,
  • a calibration lever 11 for calibration of the torque measurement,
  • the evaluation, display and control unit 12 with MP Computer („control unit“),
  • a hand-control housing containing the input potentiometer 13 for controlling the brake by manually entering the desired speed value ,
  • and the „Diagram for Windows“ application software

The braking and measuring unit consists of

  • a hydrostatic braking unit (under the cover 1),
  • measuring devices for speed and torque
    (under the cover 1),
  • a table 2 with prismatic guide and clamping elements for fixation of the module plates 21 with the engines to be tested 22,
  • an oil tank 3
  • air-cooled oil cooler 4 with ventilator.

Braking and measuring unit and control unit are each standing on a mobile support. They are connected by by cables and plugs. Both units together are composing the braking dynamometer.

Chain saw engine on HVU 10/1

Chain saw engine on HVU 10/1

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