MP Engine Test Beds with MP Computer,
Demonstration Engines

Proven since 1980 at training facilities and in industry

MP 100 S mobile engine dynamometer with MP Computer


System's advantages, seen didactically ...

A large group can follow the teacher's operations and the display of the measured and the derived values.

Clear design supports understanding of engine tests.

Impressive calibration lever explains nature of torque.

Easy and safe operation enables the teacher to focus his efforts to explanation.

RWB mobile operation trolley presents the engines clearly and offers easy access to all its parts.

... and economically

Only one dynamometer for demonstration of several engines within one lesson.

No foundation required because of low vibration.

No cooling water required. Ready to use when delivered.

Can be moved and can be operated and stored at any place.

Test bed: long lifetime, almost maintenance-free, calibration lever ensures long term accuracy.

RWB mobile operation trolley: based on a construction kit, parts can later be used for other engines.

Applications depending on scope of delivery

 torque, power = f(speed)

specific consumption sfc = f(speed, power)
(gravimetric, selectable automatically)

Above tests can be carried out in different ways:

thermal balance (PC required)

real function of a transmission
(automatic transmission only with PC)

p-V-diagram (PC required)

Functions of engine and engine control depending on the load may be demonstrated by using motor analysers, exhaust gas analysers and further measuring instruments.

Model-specific error-switch boards are extending the demonstration varieties and are enabling a practical error diagnostics.

Comparison of different engines under a certain aspect within one lesson.

Variety of designs

MP 100 S engine dynamometer, fuel consumption metering and p-V-diagram.
MPL 500 M engine dynamometer, truck engine on universal engine support.

e.g. MP 100 S engine test bed with MP Computer

Basic equipment:
Dynamometer with

Power range:: 5 ...150 kW, see diagram

suitable for testing

Supply: 400 V 3-phase AC (other supply voltages possible)

Demonstration engines


or are mounted according to your demands.

Requirements: exhaust evacuation

We mount engines to be tested under load or not under load, according to your requests, and ready to start. Wether these engines are provided by us or by you is irrelevant.