MP Engine Test Beds with MP Computer
Mounting of Engines to be tested, Engine Supports

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MP 100 engine test bed with MP Computer


Special features and advantages

 MP engine test beds offer easy and safe operation and a speedy work process by quick adjustment of desired load states.

Easy and reliable documentation of measured values can be done by directly printing test reports or by a standard PC.

Operating MP engine test beds therefore doesn’t require experts.

MP engine test beds are ready to be put into operation when delivered. Cooling water and special foundations are not required for the dynamometer.

The air-cooled eddy-current brakes are extremely robust and almost maintenance-free.

The permanent measuring accuracy is maintained by semi-automatic calibration with a calibration lever.

The engine test bed shown above is mobile, even with an engine coupled to it.
It can be operated and stored everywhere.

RWB mobile operation trolleys for mounting of engines can be adjusted easily; their modular design allows interchangeability and reusability.

The use of RWB minimizes the times of standstill of the engine test bed, as the engines can be built up separately.

Engines mounted on RWB can be coupled to the engine test bed quickly and without any effort.

Applications depending on the scope of delivery

Variety of designs

MP 100, fuel consumption metering and p-V-diagramm.
MP 500, Truck engine on universal engine support.

MP 100

e.g. maximum 900 Nm at 1000 rpm
e.g. continuously 60 kW at 7000 rpm
e.g. short-time 200 kW at 7000 rpm

suitable for testing

  • passenger car engines
    (also with manually operated or automatic shift gears, even in the 1st speed)
  • smaller truck engines
  • electric motors
  • hydrostatic motors
  • smaller tractors at their power take-off shaft
    (special equipment required)



MP 500

e.g. maximum 3500 Nm at 1000 rpm
e.g. continuously 160 kW at 4800 rpm
e.g. short-time 500 kW at 2000 rpm

suitable for testing

  • truck engines
  • big electric motors
  • tractors at their power take-off shaft





Common features

  • high short-time load-carrying capacity
  • high torque

Basic equipment:

Dynamometer with

  • air-cooled electro-magnetic eddy-current brake
  • cardan shaft in protective housing
  • calibration lever
  • MP Computer


400 V 3-phase AC
(other supply voltages on request)

Mounting of ready-to-start vehicle engines (Internal combustion piston engines)

Experimental engines are as standard

or are mounted as requested.